Zeeva Foxglove

Proprietor of the Green Market and Occasional Harrower


Zeeva Foxglove has lived most of her life in Korvosa, and she is well known among locals. PCs wishing to check into her past can learn the following facts. Her reputation in the local community is solid as her business dealings have always been fair, despite always being lucrative.

While not a Varisian herself Zeeva had dabbled in Harrowing and often visited Zellara from for advice as well as brining the old woman and her son spare food when she could. Following Zellara’s demise Zeeva has taken a more serious interest in the craft.

Pip and Zeeva are dating, whether it becomes more serious has yet to be seen.


Wyldcat’s Boon: Zeeva will provide free spellcasting to the Wyldcat’s and free harrow reading. She might also be able to work out deals and discounts with the merchants in her market for them.

Foxglove Defender’s Boon: Zeeva will provide free spellcasting to the Defenders, and free harrow readings. She also won’t charge Flori rent for his booth so long as he is willing to be an adventurer on retainer for her (and take care of Sczarni thugs no questions asked)



Zeeva’s familiar is a grey cat named Nimeeta or Nim for short. He has sworn his love to a short-hair torty with one mangled ear.

Zeeva Foxglove

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