Vendra "Lavendar" Loaggri

Former Owner and proprietor of Lavender's


Lavender, one of the better-known and noted perfume boutiques in Korvosa, stands amid a row of tightly packed shops just off of Summoning Street. Owned by an opportunistic Chelish woman named Vendra Loaggri, the perfumery has always had a reputation for avant-garde creations and brazen promotions (infamous memories of the “Free Imp with Every Purchase” stunt still linger among residents of the Heights). With fear of blood veil running rampant throughout Korvosa, Vendra created her most ingenious concoction ever: a cure.

Lavender’s Luxuriant Liniment is the miracle cure-all elixir for all of Korvosa. It wakes you up in the morning and calms you down at night. It soothes aching joints, tired feet, sore hands, and throbbing heads. It takes the pain out of cuts, burns, bruises, and blemishes. It smells like chastity, confidence, and respectability, and tastes like honeyed dewdrops over snow clouds. Most miraculously, though, Lavender’s Luxuriant Liniment dispels blisters, minimizes swelling, calms the complexion, and erases all symptoms of the common blood veil complaint.

It was all a complete sham.

The unscrupulous merchant expected to collect a small fortune from desperate Korvosans and be long gone before anyone realizes her prosaic potion’s main ingredient was river water. Unfortunately for her, that main ingredient was her undoing. She did nothing to checky or purify the river water which her lackeys had been collecting from beneath Bridgefront. The residences all along Bridgefront saw now reason to worry about the sewers of Korvosa, instead the simply dumped all their wastes into the slow moving water below. This squalor lead to a build up of an extremely dangerous contagion, cholera, While the water wasn’t always infectious or even collected from the same spot the repeated use of this location lead to her demise. When the Wyldcats and Darby Goodbrew investigated her scam it happened to be one of the unlucky days on which cholera was present. He shop was quickly shut down and she was turned over the the Korvosan Guard.

Cressida ordered the shop closed and all property confiscated. There’s been no word yet on a court date for Vendra with the Arbiters, though there are rumors the Grey Maidens desire to deal out their own justice to her…

Vendra "Lavendar" Loaggri

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