Trinia Sabor

Artist, Regicide, Volturio's Side-Chick


Trinia is a child of the streets. She never knew her parents, and spent her childhood in Scrapper Hall orphanage, where her sense of humor and knack for using sleight of hand for embarrassing practical jokes (such as smuggling pornography or other illicit materials into the possession of those who would be most scandalized at being caught with it) ensured she not only was constantly passed over for adoption, but always earned the least pleasant chores.

She quickly learned that pickpocketing was no way to live after spending a frightening few weeks in jail, and turned to painting as a way to earn her keep. After Trinia spent years of barely scraping by, the windfall of being commissioned to paint the king’s portrait should have been a turning point for the better in her life, but instead it proved to be the worst thing ever to happen to her. Though given the way she looks at Volturio Sura it might have been the catalyst of the best thing that’s happened to her.

After being smuggled out of Korvosa by the Wyldcats with a little help from their friends she is now residing at the Blackbird Ranch in Harse under the guardianship of the Scharpe clan. Will life on a ranch be fitting for a this city-slicker? Will she ever hear from Volturio again? Has he even received any of her letters?

Trinia Sabor

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