Proprietor of Tenna's


Tenna is the proprietor of a luxurious inn with no name other than “Tenna’s”.

While it’s the most expensive inn in the Heights, Tenna’s makes up for its prices by offering the most amenities in Korvosa: scented baths, massages, manicures and pedicures, valets, and three lavish meals per day, to name the more normal highlights. Those who pay ahead (60 gp a week or 240 a month) can also take advantage of a special order and delivery service which connects to them to some of the best merchants within Korvosa. In addition it comes with the ability to receive any single item worth 50gp or less once a week for free and, naturally, no questions asked.

It’s been said by many that it’s impossible to not have a good night at Tenna’s and by all accounts no one’s ever found themselves troubled by nightmares, hangovers, sore muscles, or even lack of sleep when they awake for breakfast.

Those who stay for any prolonged time quickly realize that Tenna’s has rather strange magical qualities within its walls. There always seems to be just a bit more space to discover, be it another quiet reading room, a swimming pool, or even a lush garden. There’s also another strange quality that’s not regularly spoken about or even realized by most. Unless a guest specifically tells someone they are staying at Tenna’s then no one realizes where they are. Even someone who might see them walk through the front door isn’t able to accurately place where they last saw the guest. Even those who do know are often unable to share the information with others without permission.



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