Sergeant Fredigard "Fred" Colon

One of nature's natural sergeants


Colon is a sergeant in the Korvosa City Guard, and appears to have been so for a long time. He is overweight, and prefers to avoid trouble and exertion. He is also rather unimaginative. When not on desk duty (a post he gets more often than other sergeants, due to being responsible for working out the rota), he generally “guards” bridges or large buildings against theft. His reasoning is that until someone attempts to steal the geographic feature in question, he can lean against it and stay out of danger (as well as the wind).

Despite his harmless appearance he’s one of the most well informed individuals in the city at least within a certain level of information, mainly rumor, gossip, and whatever the “bloke-in-the-bar-told-me”. He’s generally fairly jovial so long as he has a place to sit or lean.


Sergeant Fredigard "Fred" Colon

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