Satie Scharp

Owner of Blackbird Ranch and Matriarch of the Scharp Clan


A tall, elegant tiefling woman of indeterminant age with curly red hair, tall horns, and warm, welcoming golden eyes.


Satie met her future husband, Jasan, when he was nearing the end of his days as an adventurer. If not for her care he most certainly would have died. While hesitant to tell the full details of just how they met it is clear the two feel into deep, compassionate love with one another. They now spend their days running Blackbird Ranch in Harse. While Jasan is still quite vigorous age is finally beginning to catch up with him. Satie though appears to be little touched by the passing of the years, except perhaps in her care for her husband, their brood, and their ranch.

Satie is the master gunsmith of the Scharpe clan, though where the knowledge came from in her past remains a mystery…

Satie Scharp

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