Queen Yiddlepode

The only kobold at the opera.


This diminutive kobold can often be found in the audience of the Marbledome Opera House. Despite her reptilian origin she is tolerated by fellow attendees and welcomed by the performer and crew alike who delight in her patronage.

It’s rumored that her status as Korvosa’s only Kobold opera aficionado is maintained in part by protection she enjoys from the Cerulean Society.

It may be best to not inquire just how and why she claims to be a princess.

Following the events on Fireday, 17th of Erastus, 4708 AR she is now Queen of the Sewer Dragons. She views the Wyldcats as friends and allies worthy of trust and aid from her tribe.

Boon: Knights of the Sewer are granted free passage throughout the territories of the Sewer Dragons, and if required are provided with a Kobold Scout who will act as a guide and guard for them amidst the twisting labyrinth of Korvosa’s multileveled sewers. They also have access to purchase new alchemical items manufactured by the Kobolds. Once for the entire campaign they can call upon the tribe to join them in battle.

Queen Yiddlepode

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