Perishial Kalissreavil

Head Ambassador of the Mierani Elves, Father of a Wyldcat


Perishial Kalissreavil has served as the head ambassador of the Mierani elves in to the city of Korvosa for the past two hundred years. The Mierani Forest lies some distance from the ambitions of Korvosa and the two powers have been at peace for nearly a century. The ambassador, a handful of his aides, and family members have lived peacefully within the South Shore district residing in the city even when times strife and/or open hostility existed between the elves and Korvosa.

The ambassador has always stated his mission is to increase the ties between Korvosa and the Mierani elves. Perishial welcomes trysts with the more wayward and adventurous members of the local noble houses. Rather lustful by nature, Perishial has fathered countless half-elf offspring and the members of his entourage have collectively contributed to dozens more.

Perishial Kalissreavil

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