Jasan Scharp

Owner of Blackbird Ranch and Patriarch of the Scharp Clan


A barrel-chested man in his 60s with slate gray eyes, a magnificent mustache, and shoulder length hair that is still dark despite his advanced age.


Jasan is one of the two surviving members of an adventuring party that made a small fortune exploring the Storval Rise and the Mindspin Mountains. That adventuring party was known as the Blackbirds, and the only other surviving member is Vencarlo Orisini.

Retiring from the adventuring life Jasan returned back to his home town of Harse and created the Blackbird Ranch. Living there with his wife (Satie), three sons (Billiam, Virgil, and Felix), two daughters (Tessa and Heatha) and a gaggle of grand children. The Scharp clan is quite large with sevearl of Jasan’s extended family living in or around Harse with many others taking up the adventuring life – inspired, no doubt, by Jasan.

Jasan Scharp

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