Leader of the Wererat Rebellion


Girrigz was a firebrand and upstart leader amidst Korvosa’s wererat community. He always hated the sewers and viewed the surface dwellers with envy and loathing. A natural lycanthrope, he has spent his entire 29 years of life as a wererat, feeling trapped beneath the boots of Korvosa’s people above. Unlike many others of his kind he refused to spend anytime in a non-rat shape, he argued doing so was to spit in the face of all lycanthropes, any who did so were blood traitors.

More than once, the rebellious wererat would sneak up onto the streets to take out his hatred on beggars and other unsuspecting humans, seeing his predations as just revenge. A few months before the riots, he took two silver tipped arrow heads to the back from a rather skilled archer amidst the Korvosan guard, Verik Vancaskerkin. Verik had come upon the wererat savaging a dockside vagrant.

Girrigz barely escaping with his life, but the incident radicalized him even further. He became a fiery and vocal member of the wererat community, urging his people to strike back against the weak humans above. In his view the lack of reason and the cowardice of elder lycanthropes stifled Girrigz’s warmongering, but when attacks from above increased along with their apparent alliance with the Derro His rhetoric finally overtook cooler heads.

When he realized he needed numbers to rise up he bullied his way into an alliance with the Sewer Dragons Chieftain. Together they still lacked the true numbers and skill needed to threaten the city above, his blind hatred could easily have lead to the deaths of hundreds.

He was killed by the Wyldcats on Fireday, 17th of Erastus, 4708 AR.


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