Field Marshal Cressida Kroft

Honest, capable, and powered by enough coffee to literally fight gods.


Cressida Kroft holds the highest position in the Korvosan Guard, that of Field Marshall. She is quietly admired throughout the city as an effective and able leader, known to be fair and just. She is in her forties and often looks tired beyond her years but is still possessed of a rugged attractiveness. She has dark hair and when in public is almost always dressed in her signature red armor.

Field Marshal


Originally a ranking member of the Korvosan Guard and part-time adventurer, Cressida was appointed Field Marshal by King Eodred Arabasti II in 4705 AR, after she foiled a plot to poison a grand feast by cultists of Norgorber, saving hundreds of lives and driving the entire cult away from Korvosa. Too occupied by her new position for adventuring but unwilling to abandon her duties, she started hiring adventurers to solve problems that the Guard cannot handle efficiently, and earned earned a reputation for being fair and supportive of them. She also began to work towards cleaning out the corruption within the guard. While her efforts have been somewhat successful the unfortunate side effect was the weeding out of large numbers of personnel leaving the guard overstretched.

Field Marshal Cressida Kroft

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