Dr. Reiner Davaulus

Leader of the Queen's Physicians


Dr. Davaulus is a Chelaxian gentleman in his mid-40s, usually wearing a simple black overcoat, clasping his doctor’s case in one hand, and leaning on his silver tipped ebony cane with the other. He has short dark hair, with widow’s peak and streaks of white gracing the sides. His eyes are blue-grey and filled with both focus and compassion for his patients. He is calm, polite and deliberate in demeanor. He shows genuine interest in assuaging the concerns and maladies of those around him and is determined to put an end of the Blood Veil Plague once and for all.


Dr. Davaulus served Queen Ileosa’s family in Egorian, the capital of Cheliax, for many years before she sent for him to help King Eodred II in his battle against the lingering disease that began afflicting him in his declining years. By all accounts his treatments appeared to have a marked beneficial effect as the King was seen to become much more lively and jubilant in the weeks before his assassination at the hands of a poisoner.

It was Dr. Davaulus who discovered the cause of death was, in fact, poison though the existence of several toxic substances escalated events out of his hands as Her Majesty leapt to the conclusion that the King was poisoned by the artist Trinia Sabor.

The Wyldcats met Dr. Davaulus after kidnapping escorting Ishani Dhatri to Castle Volshenyk. Here they witnessed the final part of a speech from Field Marhsal Kroft to her guards about the formation of two new organizations, the Grey Maidens and the Queen’s Physicians. After she was done, Cressida introduced them to Davaulus and he spoke a bit about how he would combat the plague, including showing them the writ soon to be distributed throughout the city.

He is now working out of the Hospice of the Blessed Maiden which has been setup as a place of hope and respite for those in advanced stages of suffering from Blood Veil. This is a place where sick folk from any walk of Korvosan life can come to find salvation under the care of the Queen’s Physicians who are working not only to aid the sick but find a permanent cure to the disease.

Dr. Reiner Davaulus

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