Corporal Nobby Nobbs

Someone that you can trust with your life, although you'd be daft to trust him with your wallet


Cecil Wormsborough St. John “Nobby” Nobbs is untidy, smelly, never without a cigarette and, despite being human, about the same height as a dwarf. He carries a signed, government certificate to (almost) prove that he’s a human being. The certificate reads: I, after hearing evidence from a number of experts, including Mrs. Slipdry the midwife, certify that the balance of probability is that the bearer of this document, C.W.St John Nobbs, is a human being. Signed, Arbiter Zenobia Zenderholm"

Nobby can best be described as the watch’s very own criminal, though lacks the deliberately malicious quality or deep scheming nature of the less savory. He’s only bad in the sense “a weasel is evil.” Ironically, Nobby’s downtrodden position and frank approach to things give him a disarming sense of charisma, if only because onlookers want to see what he’ll brazenly do next. Even more so than Sgt. Colon, Nobby is a useful barometer for the average city-dweller’s thoughts on any street even though he’s less well informed on anything higher up the street than a gutter or pile of dog muck.

Human (per certificate)

Corporal Nobby Nobbs

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