Captain Carrot Ironfoundersson

Simple does not mean stupid.


Bulging with muscles, this two meter (six-foot-six-inch) dwarf (adopted) remains honest, good-natured, and honorable despite the city’s best efforts. Known to most people simply as “Captain Carrot” he is a highly respected officer within the city watch. It’s said that Carrot walks the patrol routes even on his days-off, he talks to everyone and remembers everyone’s name, face, family, business, and so on. It is also said that he reads the register of taxpayers for fun. He appears to genuinely believe that everyone has some good in them and treats everyone with politeness and respect. For some strange reason, probably what Sgt. Colon calls “krisma”, people find that they want to meet Carrot’s expectations and do what he says.

Carrot has now been promoted Captain and put in charge of the gates for the South District. With the guard’s reduced staff he is essentially Cressida’s second in command.

Dwarf (by adoption but technically human)

Captain Carrot Ironfoundersson

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