The Original Hero of Korvosa


One of the city’s most beloved and reviled heroes, Blackjack is more of a symbol than anything else—a legendary masked hero who has fought for Korvosa’s downtrodden for hundreds of years.

Tales of Blackjack’s moves against corrupt politicians, cruel nobles, and greedy merchants have been part of Korvosa’s culture for two centuries, and prior to his recent reappearance earlier this year he hadn’t made an appearance in nearly a decade. However the stories about him remained as popular as ever among the peasants.

Over the two centuries of his presence in Korvosa there have been many theories and rumors about his identity and longevity. The most popular belief is that Blackjack is an elf as his original appearance coincides with the creation of the embassy of the Mierani Elves, some have even claimed that Ambassador Perishial Kalissreavil is in fact the people’s champion.

Other rumors suggest that he might be an aasimar chosen by the gods to protect over Korvosa, a theory particularly popular among followers of Cayden Cailean, Desna, Milani, and Sarenrae.


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