Amin Jalento

Scion of House Jalento, Dandy in Distress


A young nobleman of House Jalento, like Volturio he too is of half-elf heritage though his own family doesn’t view such origins as shameful. He is a little under 6 ft, thin, with strawberry blonde hair, brown eyes, and facial hair he keeps in a shadow/stubble style that’s currently trendy among the younger scions of the Noble Houses.


He is also a student of Vencarlo Orisini though he’s not progressed in skill nearly as much as Volturio.

During the riots following the King’s death he was cornered by commoners looking to beat up anyone of noble/wealthy bearing but the Wyldcats were able to diffuse the situation and get him to safety.

He counts both Volturio and Claudia Sura as his friends and lately has been inspired by their exploits to take his own blade training more seriously.

Amin Jalento

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